ADDTabz™ has been referred to as the new “Smart Drug” or “Study Drug” even though it is available in non-prescription formulation.

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This new category (Smart Drugs & Study Drugs) is any drug or supplement designed to improve cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, problem solving and critical thinking. They are sometimes called Nootropics which differ from other “productivity enhancers”, such as Adderall, in that they’re minimally taxing on the body and aid in the prevention of brain cell damage while providing analogous heightened cognitive function and mental clarity. ADDTabz is the holy grail for the students struggling to stay afloat and the ones setting an example alike.

Remember if you have not been diagnosed with ADHD, Adderall may not be the drug for you. It is a very potent drug with serious side effects and requires a legal prescription from a doctor. With ADDTabz there is now an alternative to Adderall millions without all the side effects, physician visits and expense. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with upgrading to non-prescription ADDTabz™ that provides superior results without negative side effects commonly associated with ADHD medications.

 ADDTabz™ is a non-prescription pharmaceutical featuring FDA recognized active ingredients for mental performance and enhancement.

** Ampheta HCL is widely regarded as the most advanced and effective Synthetic Amphetamine (non-prescription pharmaceutical) in the world with use in multiple products sold throughout the globe. The most known of these products are the PhenTabz™ weight loss/appetite suppressant line most recognized as the replacement for Phentermine both available through physician’s as well as the OTC versions. The PhenTabz™ line includes: PhenTabz™ - PhenTabz RX™ - PhenTabz Teen™ – PhenTabz Teen RX™.

ADDTabz™ was formulated by Gentech Pharmaceuticals R&D division Gentech Laboratories.


ADDTABZ: For Enhanced Cognition

In the world of competition and pressure, there are greater chances of feeling stressed, weak, and irritated. It results in decreased capability due to loss of interest, concentration, being unable to focus more on the work etc. All the foresaid symptoms if found will definitely have an adverse impact on the physical and especially mental health of the persons. Research that has undergone into these neuro-cognitive impacts and stress of individuals show that it has significant impact on the cognition and abilities of the students or employees or whosoever face stress at work.

Hence, there is an increasing desire for many to improve their capabilities, feel energetic, and want to be able to enhance their levels of focus and concentration. However, in this case, they would usually like to take the help of some or the other kind of medicines. Usually, they take adderall. Precisely, all this efforts are for betterment of mental performance. Considering especially the students and those who are in the business world, it may be said that they are confronted with the challenge of performance race feels pressing need for such medication at times. However, as we all know, such medicine is to be administered only under prescription of the doctor. But, this practice is often quite expensive. Hence, Addtabz is a legally non-prescriptional medicine.

The drug adderall is given to treat ADD/ADHD symptoms. It has been observed by many scientists that it has been only helpful in treating the symptoms but not in betterment of mental performance. Addtabz is the best alternative for all other adderall drugs. It has proven capacities of mental performance.

Compare ADDTabz™ to Adderall:

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ADDTabz was developed with the sole purpose and function of mental performance and cognitive enhancement

Prescription Strength



Prolonged Energy


Crosses Blood Brain Barrier


Designed for non-ADD/ADHD


Memory Support


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Safe Long-Term Use


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Addtabz as a drug is helpful in providing relief for the problems such as difficulty in concentrating, listening, organizational problems, forgetfulness, inattention, and other troubles in following directions etc. In a nut shell, it impacts the neuro-cognitive abilities. And the specialty of this medicine is that it doesn’t require doctor’s permission to use it.

Adderall drugs are usually very powerful and are prone to side effects. That is why in fact in take on prescription is mandatory. Those drugs are supposed to be given for seriously ill patients and who are in one way adversely affected by such neural problems. The added advantage of Addtabz is that it is meant for mild cases of ADD/ADHD. Hence, legally it doesn’t even need medical prescription. It is also suitable for undergraduate and graduate students. For those who desire for peace-of mind, it is a right choice.

These Addtabz medicines are made by Gentech Pharmaceuticals which are popularly known for the designing alternative medications with measures of safety and efficacy. They provide pharmacological alternatives. It has catered to wide range of clinical needs. Besides Addtabz -Ampheta CDP for cognitive enhancement, there are also different types of medications for teen weight loss, OTC weight loss etc which are of Ampheta-HCL composition. It has access to the state of the art technologies and laboratories to undertake research activities. It has eminent scientists from well known universities researching in pharmaceuticals working in collaboration with Gentech pharmaceuticals.

What strikingly distinguishes Addtabz from rest of the adderall drugs is the safe long term use of it and improvement in memory. It crosses blood brain barrier effectively. It helps in problem solving and critical thinking. The side effects are minimal when compared to other adderall drugs. It is advanced synthetic amphetamine drug. However, it has to be remembered that it is not any herbal supplement.

One need not be afraid that usage of Addtabz and increased energy levels due to it can cause students trouble in schools or colleges etc. It is well approved and one can be very confident about using it. However, mass distribution of Addtabz is not allowed. Also, it is banned by world-anti doping agency just like any other adderall as it puts the users in an added advantaged position which is considered unfair in the fair competition. Nonetheless, at the usage of regular level, it is always welcomed. Also, one is not allowed to sell Addtabz to others that are in possession of them. The usage of Active compound Ampheta-CDP in Addtabz doesn’t have any special qualities for weight loss unless prescribed. Addtabz therefore undoubtedly is a mental performance and energy booster.