Adderall Shortage Still Hitting People Hard

by ADDTabz on March 4, 2012

A big problem is popping up all across West Michigan.

People with prescriptions cannot get Adderall (a drug prescribed for attention deficit disorder).  Noted by Wood TV 8, dozens of people have already posted that they are enable to get the drug, and it’s only getting worse.

Pharmacies are sometimes going weeks, and even months not being able to keep Adderall on their shelves at the needed levels to fill the prescriptions that are being presented.

It was noted by one pharmacist that customers have been coming in crying because they cannot find anywhere that can fill their prescription for the Adderall drug. It was also noted that the Adderall shortage came without warning and really no notice at all.

The FDA’s website has shed some light on the issue stating increased demand and supply issues being a factor of the shortage.

Several different drug companies are on the FDA’s list and it looks like the problem is not going away anytime soon.

The big question that is looming on the minds of many is…
… where do we go from here?

They have already been having the problem for months and no one really knows when it is gong to clear up.

Many believe that it is not to early to think about these questions as the seems to be no end to the shortage in site, states one pharmacist.

As a final note it has been said that if you are having a problem with getting your prescription of Adderall to check with your doctor and see if there may be any alternatives that may still fit your purpose.

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