ADDTabz Review

Before we get into the ADDTabz Review, we need to address a major point in the discussion.

The obvious area to start is that there is an Adderall shortage going on.

How can we possibly, in this day and age, have any sort of drug shortage? It’s simple …

… Abuse.

Soccer Mom’s, College students, Business professionals, they are ALL looking for an edge, a way to increase their focus, boost energy and perform at higher levels. Who can blame them?

Add this to the 13% increase in prescriptions for Adderall from last year and you have your shortage. And there’s more! First check out this video to get a little more detail.

You see, it’s not just more kids and adults not being able to focus. It’s the pressure that our modern day society puts on us to reach higher levels of performance than ever before.

People that have taken Adderall without a prescription have been noted to say that:

  • They feel more focused
  • They can get more done in a shorter period of time
  • It gives them energy that the average cup of coffee or energy drink can’t provide
  • Their thoughts come out more clear and they can concentrate longer and harder

Now put this into the fact that Adderall is a controlled substance and the DEA only allows a certain amount of the active ingredient to be used. What do you have? The perfect recipe for an Adderall shortage.

The ADDTabz Review

ADDTabz is fast becoming known as an “Adderall Alternative”.buy addtabz

Gentech Pharmaceutical has designed this advanced non-prescription formulation from the beginning as an upgrade from Adderall for patients that haven’t been diagnosed with full on ADHD /ADD (attention – deficit – hyperactivity – disorder), but are still looking for the benefits of concentration, energy and extreme focus.

In short, the FDA recognized active ingredients in ADDTabz have made the product the world’s leading formulation scientifically designed to enhance cognitive ability and mental performance.

The non-prescription formulation of ADDTabz may be the solution you have been looking for and the product has been shown to help:




Trouble following directions addtabz check
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Organizational Problems addtabz check
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With ADDTabz there is now an alternative to the nasty side effects that Adderall may have with some individuals.

Plus, ADDTabz customers do not have to worry about the criminal penalties associated with the consumption of taking Adderall without a prescription.

If you need that extra edge, the push to keep you going and maintain your focus and concentration we recommend that you give ADDTabz a try today.

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