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Recognized World-Wide as the “Adderall Alternative” ADDTabz ™ -is now available to the public.

ADDTabz designer formulation has been scientifically engineered to enhance mental performance and cognitive ability.

This advanced non-prescription pharmaceutical has been formulated for people that have not been fully diagnosed by a doctor of having full on ADD/ADHD , but want the benefits of increased energy, concentration and improved focus.

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ADDTabz ™ and Gentech Pharmaceutical

Gentech Pharmaceutical is the world leader and most trusted name in designer pharmacology. All of their formulations are scientifically designed to keep effective attributes of a medication and remove as many or all of any negative side effects that are in many medications.addtabz company

With offices in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Gentech Pharmaceutical is known for producing safe and therapeutically advanced products around the globe.

 ADDTabz ™ Benefits

The extreme stress and demand for excellence that is placed upon today’s business professionals and academic community are at an all time high.

In order to succeed you have to think faster, work smarter and learn at a faster pace (If you want more information and our Addtabz Review you can click the link).

ADDTabz was designed to assist with these stresses and help improve your overall brain health.

Formulated with Gentech Pharmaceuticals proprietary formulation,  Ampheta -CDP, ADDTabz has shown to:

•    Improve learning and memory
•    Increase positive mood
•    Enhance cognitive ability
•    Reduce anxiety
•    Improve brain function

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