Concerta And Its Side Effects

by ADDTabz on January 22, 2013

Concerta and its side-effects

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) leads to impulsive disorder and hyperactive behavior from those suffering from it. It also leads to inattentive behavior and more often than not causes the patient to withdraw from society. Medical experts from all across the world have been carrying out researches in this field to come out with treatments that can effectively cure a person of ADHD. Many medicines have been found to be helpful in this regard in the last fifty years.  Adderall is one of the most popular medications that have been used since long to effectively treat ADHD, but over time it was found that both versions of this drug, Adderall Instant and Adderall XR led to severe complications due to their harmful side-effects. This is when Concerta was launched. Though this medication is new in the market, but still it has slowly become too popular among those suffering from ADHD.


The brand name Concerta under the generic name methylphenidate hydrochloride (HCI) falls under the category of Cerebral Stimulants. It has been found over years of research that Concerta is quite useful in treating ADHD as well as Narcolepsy. The drug contains methylphenidate and stimulates the brain. Initially it was claimed that the drug works without creating excessive addiction, though later the abusive potential of methylphenidate came to light and Concerta was altogether labeled as a Schedule II substance, the purchase and sale of which is controlled. It should not be consumed by a person suffering from heart diseases or insomnia and hence it is very important to disclose the complete medical history to the doctor.

Concerta Side-effects

Since Concerta is a Schedule II controlled substance, precaution is needed to be taken before its consumption. It creates a high dependency level and thus must be used keeping this in mind. Concerta has quite many side-effects. It can be mild causing swelling, breathing problem, allergy or inflammation. The effects can be moderate leading to anxiety, stomach pain, headache, pain in the abdominal region, nervousness, depression, extreme tension, dizziness, red eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, head spinning, purple spots, red spots, extreme irritation, sweating, muscle twitches also known as tics, chest pain, high blood pressure and more. In many cases it may also lead to strange depressive behavior, psychological aggravations, hallucinations and complete loss of appetite.

Concerta has severe side-effects too. Sometimes due to overdose of this drug, it may lead to life-threatening implications too. It can lead to Rhabdomyolysis, heart attacks, kidney failure, liver damage, psychosis, possession, craving for other harmful drugs like cocaine, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, reversible ischemic neurological deficit, severe gastrointestinal side-effects, and cardiovascular effects like angina, palpitation, Raynaud’s phenomenon, supraventricular tachycardia and others.

As soon as one feels that he is getting dependent on this drug, he should withdraw from its use gradually. If the dependence is too high, suppose if it creates psychological dependence affecting the health severely, immediate consultation from doctor is required. It is not difficult to withdraw from it under effective treatment. Concerta can be a boon for many, but do not let it control your life.

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