Strattera And ADHD Information

by ADDTabz on February 1, 2013

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder shortly known as ADHD is a problem wherein the individual suffers from inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity or any combination of these. This is a behavioral disorder that is commonly found in children. Three to five percent of school children do suffer from this problem and boys are more often diagnosed for this than girls.

The child suspected for ADHD also possesses other behavioral problems or in some cases psychiatric problems such as bipolar disorder or depression in addition to it. Most of the children with ADHD are of inattentive type.  The main symptom of this type is lack of attention in any activity such as school work, play or daily activities.

They do get easily distracted and do not like to do any work that demands mental effort.  The hyperactivity symptoms are having difficulties in remaining quiet, running and climbing all of a sudden etc. Similarly the impulsivity symptoms include answering even before the question is completed, interrupting others in conversation etc. Though this problem is mainly found in children, some adults also suffer from it.

Strattera is the medicine that is used to treat ADHD. This has the capability of affecting the chemicals in brain that are responsible for causing hyperactivity and impulsivity.

This is a drug that should be used only when prescribed by a doctor. One cannot buy this medicine from any medical store without the prescription of a doctor. Also it should be used in the exact amounts suggested by the doctor as this medicine when taken in wrongs dosage can affect the health of the person. Usually, Strattera should be taken once in a day either in the morning or in the afternoon as per the instructions of the doctor and a full glass of water should be taken along with it.

It should be taken regularly so as to get the best benefits out of it. The broken or opened capsule of Strattera should be carefully dealt as the medicine inside it is dangerous for eyes. The suggestions of a doctor or a pharmacist should be taken to dispose it off.

The detailed medical history of the patient should be explained to the doctor because Strattera is not compatible with some drugs and also not suitable for the people suffering from diseases such as glaucoma, heart diseases, coronary artery disease, liver diseases, high or low BP etc.

Also the people who are allergic to atomoxetine are strictly prohibited from using it. Though Strattera is used for treating ADHD in many cases and also known to have worked well, there are some reported side effects by using it ranging from minor to major ones.

Some of such side effects are chest pain, uneven or fast heartbeats, hallucinations, unusual thoughts, itching, pain in the upper part of the stomach etc. Hence this should be used only under the strict supervision of the doctor who can also frequently record the responses of the body and can stop the usage of the medicine when required.

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